Fasting & Prayer

Prayer Focus

At the top of this year (starting January 10, 2022), we corporately fasted and prayed for 21 days as a church body. Each day, Pastor Shawn posted a video sharing the prayer focus-of-the-day. We believe a church that fasts and prays together, triumphs together. So, we locked arms and gave God our best through meditating on His Word and changing our diet from 6am – 6pm. It was amazing!

Day 1: Repent

Let’s be intentional with our fasting and prayer focus today. We must dig deep and be honest with ourselves in order for real change to occur. Remember, God sees and knows us.

Day 2: New Thinking

Remember the quote that says, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste?” Well, Pastor Shawn will explain what we need to do to combat the enemy dwelling in our thoughts.

Day 3: Alignment

It’s just like when you’ve driven your car for miles over potholes and other treacherous terrain – an alignment is in order. Same spiritually, we can’t go straight when our alignment is off.

Day 4: Stay Hungry

Anything that we want to accomplish in life and be really successful at it requires us to “stay hungry.” Likewise in our spiritual walk, we must desire the presence and Word of God.

Day 5: A Servant's Heart

What exactly does it mean to have a servant’s heart? Jesus lived the best example of serving others and not Himself. Ego, comparing, and competition will not yield this heart posture.

Day 6: Compassion

Jesus was moved with compassion – He cared, He pitied, He FELT. How is it that we can be so callous towards others? Especially when we know people are hurting and in need?

Day 7: Thankful

Do we take God’s goodness for granted? Do we find ourselves complaining all the time? It’s time to start saying “Thank You” at every phase of our lives, no matter the situation.

Day 8: Anxiety Can Be Avoided

Did you know that anxiety is a condition of the mind? Scripture encourages us to meditate on God’s Word – to be anxious for nothing. Pastor Shawn gives us the keys to being anxiety-free.

Day 9: I Believe He Is

Without faith, we cannot please God. Our prayer should be similar to the father of the possessed boy who told Jesus that he believed, while asking for help to overcome his unbelief (Mark 9:24). Faith is powerful. Believing that HE IS makes all things possible.

Day 10: Contentment

Do you know what it means to be content? Pastor Shawn quickly breaks down the importance of being satisfied in/with Christ, and the consequences of not finding fulfillment in Him.


Day 11: Future Focus

Have you ever tried to drive from point A to point B only looking in the rear-view mirror? And why not? Because you can’t reach your destination when your focus is on what’s behind you. Do not allow past failures, mistakes, missteps, disappointments to determine your worth or predict your future. Press forward. Keep moving. Our hope is in Christ Jesus!

Day 12: Submitted

It’s great to be an inquisitive and intelligent Christian. However, being led by our own intellect can get us into trouble if we begin to substitute God’s righteousness with our own (flawed ideas and perceptions). Scripture tells us that our ways are not His ways, nor our thoughts His thoughts. Pastor Shawn uses Romans 10:1-3 to drive home the importance of submitting to the righteousness of God.

Day 13: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

As Christians, we must understand the importance of working together and not against one another. The Godhead is a perfect example of functioning in perfect harmony while each operates within His specific realm. We need each other – period.

Day 14: Men Are Rising Together

It is our desire to see men everywhere have a longing for God. We pray that our brothers rise up together and lift up holy hands, putting away anger and doubt.

Day 15: Women Are Teaching Again

Women, understand that you are important. You have always been essential in pouring wisdom (knowledge + experience) into others through teaching… showing them the way. We need to get back to that (I Titus 3:5).

Day 16: Children Fulfilling Promise

We live in a time when children run their households and display disrespect towards their parents. We pray that children will again begin honoring their mothers and fathers through obedience. In doing so, God will uphold His promise to them to live a good and long life.


Day 17: Keep Adding

Praise God that you’ve accepted Christ as your personal Savior!!! Now what? Add to your faith, which is your foundation. Be hungry to grow in your Christian walk. How do you grow? By developing these qualities – virtue, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love. It’s a marathon, not a sprint… just keep adding.


Day 18: We Will Worship

It doesn’t matter where we are in our lives or how we feel, God is ALWAYS worthy of our worship. God is consistently great, and greatly to be praised! We pray for a mind to worship Him in all things.

Day 19: Approved by God

Too often, we bend over backwards to get approval from men. The same men who are flawed and will fail us at any given moment. Instead, gain God’s approval by putting in the work – studying Scripture, not for personal gain (monetary, status, ego, etc.), but to win over those who don’t have an intimate relationship with Him.

Day 20: Cast Them Out

Because we are children of God and have the Spirit of Christ, we have power over unclean and demonic forces. Use the power that is within you to overcome the enemy.

Day 21: Bind & Loose

Praise God, we made it to the end of our prayer focus 🙌🙌🙌!!! Pastor Shawn reminds us that we can speak to spiritual situations… to bind and loose in Heaven and on Earth. We have been given authority, let’s walk in it 👊💯.